Buddha Statue

Salvage of Buddha Statue

While Christ resurrected himself, Lord Buddha needed a helping hand from us for the resurrection of his 400 ton, monolithic Statue. The Statue of Lord Buddha weighing about 400 tons and believed to be the largest monolithic Statue in the world, sank in Hussein Sagar Lake, Hyderabad in March 1990 with the capsizing of the barge on which it was being ferried. The Statue was successfully salvaged through a highly complicated and precise procedure involving:

* The refloatation of the sunken barge and trailers;

* Separation of the 120 ton J-stick from the Statue and its retrieval;

* Lifting up of the Statue in water and its overturning to face upwards;

* Placing the Statue on a submersible barge and its refloatation.

The salvage operations were carried out in highly polluted waters and zero visibility conditions.

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