M.V Ravidas

Salvage of M.V Ravidas

When M.V. Ravidas loaded with cargo of over 13700 tons and over 45 persons on board sent out a distress signal, after suffering severe damage in a head on collision with M.V. Ratnadeep off South West Sri Lanka, in the midst of a storm, we in partnership with East West Enterprises, Sri Lanka were the first to respond, reaching the floundering vessel in a matter of hours.

Prompt action was taken to seal off the leaks into cargo hold no. 4 and no. 1 and to arrest the inflow of water into these cargo holds, to save the vessel from sinking.

Simultaneously, family members of the crew as well as the ratings and others were evacuated from the vessel.

The crippled vessel was then towed through stormy seas, heavy swells and gail force winds from Galle on the South West of Sri Lanka to the safety of Trincomallee on the North East coast of Sri Lanka.

Extensive underwater repairs were carried out and the vessel was dewatered and delivered safely afloat at Trincomalle anchorage to the owners.

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