We have carried out more than 250 salvage jobs during the past 35 years and are today known world wide for our salvage expertise.

Herewith are simple animations of some the different types of Salvage Operations carried out.



We were awarded the unique project of installing a vertical HDPE pipe of 1 mt. dia of 1200 mts length in the deep sea in a depth of 1400 mts of water on a turnkey basis, by the National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai, for their unique Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) project.

The project involved the load out, tow and deployment of 1200 mts of HDPE pipeline of 1 mt. dia in a depth of 1400 mts of water, wherein one end of the pipeline was anchored, with a unique mooring system comprising of an anchor, sinker and chains, about 100 mts above the seabed, while the other end was brought vertically up and kept afloat about 30 mts. below the water surface connected to a mooring buoy.

The top end of the pipeline was then connected to a bullet nose through a flexible transfer hose so that cold water from the bottom of the ocean could be sucked up and run through turbines installed on a floating barge for generation of 1 MW power.

The entire deployment procedure was prepared and successfully deployed by us. The actual deployment operations at site were completed within 15 days.

This is the largest such vertical pipe laying operation ever to be carried out in the world.

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Salvage of Transhipper Sanjeevani

TRANSHIPPER"M.V.SANJEEVANl",a 21000 DWT transshipment vessel ran aground in a cyclonic storm in the Mormugao Port Limits.

The owners made several futile attempts to refloat the vessel where after the salvage contract for the refloating of the same was rewarded to us. The vessel was duly-refloated with absolutely no damage, within a period of 20 days by controlled removal of ballast ore and ballast water from the vessel and by carrying out dredging and air lifting operations around the vessel to free the vessel from its grounded condition.

The vessel was duly towed and delivered afloat to the owners in the Mormugao Port. This is the largest vessel ever to be salvaged by any Indian company in the country .The salvagi operations were carried out at a depth of 5 meters of water.

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Yagna Purush

Salvage of Yagna Purush

M.V. “YAGNA PURUSH” a flat top 500-tonne iron ore carrying barge overturned and sank at Mormugao Harbor due to a collision. The vessel was refloated upside down; and parbuckling operations were carried out using shore tackle and tug to upright the vessel. The entire operations were carried out in rough monsoon weather conditions and completed in 21 days. The barge was towed and delivered at the owner's shipyard about 10 miles away. The salvage operations were carried out at a depth of 12 meters of water.

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Nanda Maina

Salvage of Nand Maina

M.V. “NAND MAINA”, a hold type coastal vessel of 1200 tons capacity went aground about 50 metres above high tide level during a cyclone off Rajpara coast in 1983. The vessel was jacked up and a complete slipway with rails and trolleys fabricated under the same up to a required depth in the water. The vessel was then side slipped off the sandy coast over rocky outcrops without any further damage in a period of 30 days. The vessel was then towed to Bombay covering a distance of about 600 miles and delivered to the owners.

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